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Ben Landor

Game Programmer and Composer

Skills and Tools



10 Projects, 3 Years



3 Projects, 4 months



10 Projects, 3 Years



2 Projects, 1.5 Years


Visual Studio

13 Projects, 3 Years


Unreal Engine 4

4 Projects, 2 Years



3 Projects, 4 Months



1 Projects, 6 Months

  • Programming

I have been programming in C++ for 3 years while studying at Breda University of Applied Sciences (formerly NHTV) in the Netherlands.

  • Engines

My experience with game engines is varied, with 6 projects in Unreal, 3 in Unity, and 4 using custom engines or frameworks.

  • Music

A Bachelor’s degree in music composition from the University of Hull allows me to create soundtracks from classical, to electronic.

Highlighted Projects

Role: Tech Lead, Gameplay Programmer

Team Size: 24

Tools: UE4, C++, Blueprints, Perforce, Jenkins

Platforms: Nintendo Switch/Steam

IGArt Custom 2D Engine

Role: Core Engine/Editor Programmer

Team Size: 9

Tools: C++, Perforce, Jenkins, ImGui, Cereal

Platforms: PC/PSVita

IGArt is a custom 2D engine for PC/PSVita, featuring a scene editor, behaviour tree editor, particle editor and much more.

Other Projects

My Music

A composition from my last year of study at Hull University in collaboration with the Hull Street Life Museum.

A resolute re-score of the final scene from the film The Prestige. Produced in my second year of study at Hull.

A dramatic re-score of the shooting scene from The Brave One. Produced in my second year of study at Hull.

A drum and bass track written at the start of my musical journey at 17 years old.

A dramatic, emotional track, written for my ambient fantasy piano music pack on the Unity Asset Store.