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My story

About Me

Hi, I’m Ben, a 26 year old programmer from Cambridge, UK. I am currently in my 3rd and penultimate year of studying International Games Architecture and Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands (formerly NHTV).

I have a bachelor’s degree in classical music composition (BMus) from the University of Hull, receiving an upper second class in 2016.

My background is both creative and based in science and maths. At Hull University I furthered my own composition style, taking opportunities such as collaboration with the Hull Street Life Museum, in which my electronic-acoustic piece was performed live at the Museum. I also developed my Saxophone and Piano abilities, taking part in groups such as the HUMS Saxophone Choir (pictured).

Prior to my music studies, I was on the path of a Mechanical Engineer, taking A levels in Maths (Mechanics), Physics, Computer Science, Music, and Film Studies. During my time at Sixth Form, I did work experience at Lionsgate UK as a Social Media Assistant, and at Ford UK.

My love for games has always extended past playing. When I first got my own computer, I was enamoured with Counter-Strike: Source. Throughout the time I played this game, I also made my own maps, experimenting with my friends. I had similar experiences, with Portal 2, Oblivion, Skyrim, CS:GO, and Fallout. Whenever I wanted something extra in the game, I would attempt to make it myself.

During the final stages of my degree at Hull, I began to learn basic coding, experimenting with Unity, and some web applications. It was at this point that I caught the programming bug, so I decided to combine this my love of games, and applied to study at BUAS (NHTV at the time). In the interim period, I had a job working with the database of a jewellery shop, Artico. I also spent some time developing the iOS counterpart of an app they had in development, however this was unfortunately unreleased.

I am now in my 3rd and penultimate year of study on the IGAD course, searching for an internship in my final year.

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