IGArt Engine


Pitch: IGArt is a 2D engine focused on platformers, with the ability to create other 2D games. It features: a component system, multiple scenes, parent-child relationships, gizmos, a spline tool, a behaviour tree editor, a particle editor, a terrain tool, and much more. The engine runs on PC and PSVita.


  • Researching and planning effective engine structure.
  • Implementing the scene graph system, using the dirty flag pattern.
  • Implementing the entire Editor UI using imGUI.
  • Implementing the Hierarchy and Inspector systems.
  • Implementing mouse picking using ray vs OBB and converting screen point to a ray.
  • Implementing gizmos.
  • Implementing the animation system.

Role: Engine & Editor Programmer

Development Time: 14 Weeks

Team Size: 9